Red Salt Peanut Chocolate bar

Red Salt Peanut Chocolate bar

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Red Salt 65% Bali Trinitario Chocolate

The first salty flavour of chocolate in our products - Made by the winner of Cocoa of Excellence 2017 - Bali Trinitario cacao bean, Himalayan red salt and organic peanut. Himalayan red salt consists of more minerals than sea salt, especially lesser-known minerals like strontium and molybdenum, so it tastes different from sea salt, the crunchy peanut, sparkling salty,  its indepth complicate and fantastic taste of nutty of cacao is so interesting!


Organic, Dairy-Free

Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar, Himalayan red salt, organic peanut

Net weight: 50g



XO, Cognac, Gin, beer and sake.

Espresso, dark roasted coffee and latte.