Feltlike (for iPad)

Feltlike (for iPad)

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Feltlike is a line of bags made of leftover felt carpets collected from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where exhibitions and trade shows take place everyday. Decorative materials keep being removed from exhibition halls and dumped into our landfills. The synthetic felt carpet is often clean and unused. With certain thickness and softness, they provide protection for your gadgets.

Also available with the multiple variants of size for Macbook- 13"/ 15"

280x210x13mm (87g)
*Randomly chosen colour for online orders

Looking at the environmental crisis our world is facing, Kevin believes that designers have the responsibility to re-create the world for the better. Designs have to be sustainable by enriching the environment, users as well as the society.

Instead of continually draining new resources/materials to create new products, Kevin is experimenting with waste materials, reusing them to create new products and also collaborating with different NGOs to produce the products locally. He wishes to inspire people to have a new perspective of how products are being made, consumed and disposed.