Saupei Reusable Tissue Towels Refill Pack (30pcs)

Saupei Reusable Tissue Towels Refill Pack (30pcs)

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The reusable tissue towels are made of recycled cotton and are carefully folded and piled into a box just like regular tissue papers. They are locally made by rehabilitation member at Jockey Club Upcycling Centre. More than soft and gentle on your skin, these towels are pre-rinsed and therefore ready to use. We provide both sizes- portable pack and family pack fitting in your needs. Eco-friendly and alternative options on tissue from now on!

Each family pack includes 30 pieces of Tissue Towel and a single design cover.

Size of Tissue Towel : 20 x 20 cm

Package: 220x110x35mm (200g)

"You trash, we-cycle"

Saupei (收皮) is Cantonese slang, which means to stop people talking, and with the meaning of "finish". The brand aims to upcycle people's waste and turn them into something unique.