ZOLO XL Cork Yoga Mat

ZOLO XL Cork Yoga Mat

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The eco-friendly ZOLO Cork Yoga Mats, designed in Hong Kong, are specially made for the hot and sweaty! Naturally grippier with sweat and water, they are perfect for hot yoga enthusiasts and practicing in rain.

ZOLO Cork Yoga Mats are quick to dry, cooler than other mats under the hot sun, naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. 

ZOLO mats naturally protect those prone to rashes from the typical PVC mats and are less likely to have mold / odor / bacteria growth.

The ZOLO Cork Yoga Mats come in three sizes - Standard, Travel and XL. Carry/Lengthening Straps and a Grip & Cleansing Sprays are also available for purchase. ZOLO Wellness also carries Cork Yoga Blocks and Cork Yoga Wheels and Cork Bags.

1830x660x5mm (5.2kg)