Bulk Foods



- Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Italy (sold per 100ml) HK$9


IMPACT BLEND Espresso Organic, Vietnam/ Indonesia (sold per 10g) HK$5.6

 Dried Fruit:

- Organic Goji Berries (Sold per 10g) China HK$5.20

- Organic Chopped Apricots (Sold per 10g) Turkey HK$2.00

- Organic Chopped Figs (Sold per 10g) Turkey HK$2.00

- Organic Banana Chips (Sold per 10g) Philipines HK$1.30

- Organic Cranberries with Apple Juice (sold per 10g) Canada HK$3.20

- Brown Raisins, USA (sold per 10g) HK$1.3

Nuts & Seeds:

- Organic Pumpkin Seeds - AA grade (Sold per 10g) China HK$1.00

- Organic Almonds (Sold per 10g) Spain HK$2.80

- Organic Pine Kernels (Sold per 10g) China HK$5.70

- Pistachios - Roasted & Salted 10kgs (sold per 10g) Turkey HK$5.00

- Dry Roasted Salted Almonds (sold per 10g) Canada HK$2.80

- Blanched Sliced Almonds (Ex.thin) USA (sold per 10g) HK$2.00

- Organic Chia Seeds (Sold per 10g) Paraguay HK$1.30

- Organic French Type Lentils (Sold per 10g) Spain HK$1.00

- Coconut Dessicated, India (sold per 10g) $3.5

- Cacao Powder, Peru, USDA ORGANIC (sold per 10g) HK$2.6

- 10 Grains Mix (sold per 10g) HK$1.6

- Poppy Seeds (Blue), Turkey (sold per 10g) HK$2.2

- Sesame Seeds White Toasted (sold per 10g) HK$1.3

- Sunflower Seed Kernels, China (sold per 10g) HK$1.5

- Walnut halves, USA (sold per 10g) HK$3.7

- Dukkah (Hazelnut) (sold per 10g) HK$6.8

- Raw Cashew Nuts, India (sold per 10g) HK$2.6


- Organic Bran Flakes (Sold per 10g) Denmark HK$1.20

- Organic Jumbo Oatflakes (Sold per 10g) UK HK$0.40

- Organic Vitality Muesli 25kgs (Sold per 10g) UK HK$1.80

Pastas & Noodles:

- Iris Fusilli Organic White (Sold per 10g) Italy HK$0.50

- Iris Spaghetti Organic Wholewheat (Sold per 10g) Italy HK$0.60

- Iris Penne Organic White (Sold per 10g) Italy HK$0.60

- Iris Fusilli Organic Wholewheat (Sold per 10g) Italy HK$0.70

- Iris Penne Organic Wholewheat (Sold per 10g) Italy HK$0.70

- Quinoa Soba (sold by 10g) Japan HK$1.20

Flour & Baking:

- Organic Plain White Flour (sold per 10g) HK$0.50

- Wheat Flour Premium Grade (sold per 10g) HK$0.30

- Organic BIO Wheat Flour France HK$0.50

- Amaranth Flour, Peru - USDA ORGANIC (sold per 10g) HK$2

- Almond Flour, USA (sold per 10g) HK$3.3

 Herbs & Spices

- Basil Flakes, Turkey (sold per 10g) HK$5.4

- Bay Leaves, Turkey (sold per 10g) HK$8

- Chai Masala (sold per 10g) HK$11

- Cloves, Indonesia (sold per 10g) HK$8

- Coriander Seeds, India (sold per 10g) HK$3

- Cumin Seeds (sold per 10g) HK$3

- Fennel Seeds, India (sold per 10g) HK$2.8

- Ginger Powder, India - USDA ORGANIC (sold per 10g) HK$1.6

- Mustard Seed (Yellow), India (sold per 10g) HK$2

- Nutmeg, India (sold per 10g) HK$4.6

- Oregano, Turkey (sold per 10g) HK$5.3

- Parsley, Egypt / U.K (sold per 10g) HK$8

- Peppercorns Black Ground - USDA ORGANIC (sold per 10g) HK$5.4

- Pink Himalayan Salt Ground (sold per 10g) HK$1.8

- Rosemary, Morocco (sold per 10g) HK$5.5

- Sage Flakes, Israel (sold per 10g) HK$5

- Sichuan Peppercorns, RED Sichuan China (sold per 10g) $13.3

- Thyme, Turkey (sold per 10g) HK$4.2

- Turmeric Powder - USDA ORGANIC (sold per 10g) HK$1.4

Dog Treats (Dehydrated)

- Original Chicken Strips $10/10g

- Chicken Heart $16/10g

- Chicken Liver $16/10g

- Chicken Gizzard $16/10g

Chicken Feet $8/10g

- Sardines $18.5/10g